The Houses

The Houses

Casa del Campo (Ca’d Truvel)

Casa del Campo was the name of the home of Clemente and Agnese Monari and their children, Angelo, Candina, and Ivo. It eventually became better known as Ca’d Truvel, which was Clement’s nickname. A truvel was the name in the dialect of Fellicarolo for a leather punch, a tool used by a shoemaker. Because Clemente was a shoemaker by trade, he got the nickname Truvel.

Casa del Campo: The home of Clemente and Agnese (Pasquali) Monari. Also known as Ca’d Truvel.

Photo 14: Casa del Campo, Now Two-Story

The House August Pasquali Built for His Mother, Maria Pasquali (Begoni)

Casa Norra (Ca’d Norra)

Casa Norra: The home of Andrea and Cristina (Monterastelli) Giambi

La Cantina di Casa Norra

Il Ballestro

Casa Baroni (Ca di Barun)

Il Possione

Il Poggio


Il Poggio

Photo 18: Il Poggio


La Gagnana

La Vecchiella

Il Serreto

Fellicarolo near Serreto. Monte Cimone is in the fog.


Il Serreto


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