Getting to Fellicarolo

Getting to Fellicarolo

As my cousin, Patrizio Corsini, replied when I asked him for a good way to get to Fellicarolo, “There is no good way to get to Fellicarolo.” He was right. The only way to get there is by car on a windy road, but it is a beautiful drive.

Map 1: Map of Italy shows where Fellicarolo is with respect to other cities and towns. Fellicarolo is not shown on most maps. It is shown here even though smaller towns or villages do not appear so you can see its location.

Map 1: Map of Italy

Of course, in this day and age you can enter “Fellicarolo” in a GPS and it’s not a problem, but it’s always good to have a sanity check when using GPS. If you are using roadmaps look for the town of Fanano first.

Fellicarolo is just over 5 kilometers from away from Fanano. Map 2: The Region Around Fellicarolo shows Fellicarolo and its proximity to Fanano. North east of Fellicarolo is Fanano and Ospitale is South East. South is Tuscany, west is Fiumalbo, and north is Canevare.

Map 2: The Region Around Fellicarolo


Photo 1: The Road to Fanano

The Road

The Bridge

Photo 2: Il Ponte (The Bridge)

Fellicarolo, the Village

The village of Fellicarolo belongs to the municipality of Fanano, in the province of Modena, region Emilia-Romagna. Fellicarolo is 5.02 kilometers from the town of Fanano.

Map 3: Fellicarolo’s Roads

The Piazza


La Rodinara

Photo 3: La Rondinara’s Sign

The Churches

Photo 4: La Chiessa (The Church)

The Cemetery

Photo 5: The Wall of the Cemetery


From the piazza, to get to the waterfall, take the road to the right through town and follow the signs.

Photo 6: The Way to the Waterfall

Photo 7: Doccione (The Waterfall)

Photo 8: Doccione in the Fall

Monte Cimone

Photo 9: Monte Cimone

Photo 10: Monte Cimone in the Distance


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